World Wide Gourmet Foods, Inc. is a Silliker audited and Kosher certified manufacturer of high quality gourmet food products. We can take a customer’s existing product, and duplicate it or re-formulate and/or re-package them in new and different ways.

Bakery Capabilities – Cookies and Granola

We offer a variety of baked goods, from cookies and granolas to roasted nuts and seeds. We have several pieces of bakery equipment, but the machine that gives us the most flexibility in our bakery is our Vemag Robot 500. Our bakery products are mixed in Hobart Mixers and baked in Revent Rotating Rack Ovens.

Our cookie and cracker capabilities center around our Vemag Robot 500. It is a compact machine that can accurately portion whatever you put into it. Utilizing different attachments, the Vemag allows us to produce almost any bakery item, while still being gentle with the product. We currently have three attachments: the Guillotine Cut-Off Attachment, the Rotary Sheeter Attachment, and the Water Wheel Attachment.

The Guillotine Cut-Off Attachment allows us to produce precise weight and size portions of even the most fluid or viscous products. We can change the insert of the attachment to change the shape of the portion, which means we can do all types of breads, rolls, biscotti, muffins, and types of cookie dough. We can also use it to accurately deposit fillings.


The Rotary Sheeter Attachment allows us to extrude smooth uniform sheets with consistent thickness and width. With our Rotary Cut-off Device, a secondary attachment, we get clean and even edges. This attachment allows us to do even sheets of dough, brownies, batters, and toppings.

The Water Wheel Attachment allows us to produce multiple-lane portions at accurate weights. This attachment is made for high volume production and can deposit onto baking trays and pre-formed trays. This is ideal for depositing cookie dough, scones, fillings and muffin batter.

Our granola capabilities mostly involve our Hobart Mixers and our Revent Rotating Rack Ovens. However, we can do granola bars and granola clusters through the Vemag for accurate portioning. We specialize in making delicious granola that tastes good, while being packed full of healthy ingredients.

For roasted nuts and seeds, we can custom create a seasoning blend and dry roast or glaze nuts and seeds to your exact specifications, then roast them to perfection in our rotating rack ovens.

Confectionery Capabilities - Caramels/Toffees, Panned, Enrobed, or Molded.

Caramel/Toffee Confections are produced in either our Savage Brothers Fire Mixer or our GPE Oil Jacketed Caramel Kettle. We can produce 96,000 caramels a day. We pan cookies, candies, nuts, or dried fruit which are tossed into one of our two Stokes 1D Revolving Pans and coated with chocolate, candy coating, or caramel.



State of the art Selmi Enrobing Lines make Enrobed Confections quickly and efficiently.  We have two Selmi Enrobing Lines.  The first is a Selmi Tunnel Doppio, which combines a Selmi Enrober, Selmi Automolder, and a Cooling Tunnel.  The second line is a Selmi Enrober and Cooling Tunnel. Each line has a Selmi TopEx tempering vat below the conveyor belt, which pipes the melted chocolate or candy confection above to a series of nozzles that produce an even curtain of chocolate or candy confection onto whatever is placed on the belt

Molded Confections are candies or chocolates that are either Auto Molded on our Selmi Line or auto poured into custom shapes and passed through our cooling tunnel. We can produce up to 100,000 molded chocolates per day. All of our chocolate is tempered in one of our chocolate tempering vats from both Selmi and Chocolate Concepts.

Depositing – Grahams, Peanut Butter Cups, Cookies and Confections

We can deposit Caramel, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow and soft doughs through our custom made Hinds Bock 6 lane depositing system. We can deposit one row of six every two seconds.

Component Capabilities 

We provide bulk components like candied nuts, cookie crumbs, toffee bits, and caramels to name a few. One piece of equipment that really makes our components ready for mixing is our Urschel Model J9-A Dicer and Strip Cutter. This machine allows us to dice products in any rectangular shape from 3” by 3” down to 3/16” by 3/16”.

Packaging/Labeling Capabilities

We can package your products with one of several of our packaging machines Matrix (70 per minute pillow bag), Tridyne (20 per minute preformed gusseted bag), Dough Boy (70 per minute horizontal flow wrap), and a variety of confection packaging. Not ready for a large run we have a CX1200 Label Press and FX1200 Label Finisher for smaller runs. All products are run through a metal detector and one of many automatic date coders.


Private Label

World Wide Gourmet Foods Private Label Program – brings your brand to life. With a full array of products from Bakery and Confections to Smoked Salmon we can turn your vision into a marketable product on shelf. There are three ways to develop your branded product.

  1. Utilize one of our existing formulations packaged under your brand.
  2. Use your formula to create your custom product.
  3. Work with our Research and Development team to take your idea from a concept to a product on the shelf.

Research and Development Program

We have two basic development programs:


Program One – Conversion of your recipe to a production ready formula to be ramped up for large scale production. An additional charge of $250 will apply if formula is not in weight (grams or ounces) and is in cups and teaspoons.

  • We will make your formula and ready it for high volume production.
  • We will make up to three revisions of your basic formula.
  • We will provide a cost analysis showing you tradeoffs in order to have a more competitive cost of goods where possible.
  • We will provide you with an Ingredients List
  • We will provide packaging recommendations.
  • All samples will be sent via UPS ground unless customer opts for faster service and pays the premium shipping

Cost of program: $1,000

Cost for test batches beyond three of your basic formula $250

Cost for each additional flavor $500 (includes one revision)

Coordinate and manage shelf life testing working with a 3rd party. Cost will between $1,500 and $2,000. A year shelf life test will take approximately four months.


Program Two – Take your concept and create a product

  • We will make create a formula and provide samples
  • We will provide a cost analysis showing you tradeoffs in order to have a more competitive cost of goods where possible.
  • We will provide you with an Ingredients List and Nutritional Table for your final formula
  • We will conduct a shelf life study (contracted through a third party)
  • We will provide Packaging Recommendation

Cost of program: $10,000 - $25,000 each project will be quoted